On the Move

14 March

Today we spent the morning exploring the Barrio Alto neighborhood. We found this little spot for breakfast that add all these fresh bakery items so I ordered a ham and cheese croissant and a fresh squeezed orange juice. We figured it would be easier to bring lunch onto the train in the afternoon so I ordered the same thing to go, including another orange juice. This place reminded me of somewhere my dad would love – I could picture him going in every morning and the workers knowing his name and order as soon as he stepped in the door. A classic regular.


We walked then down the hill towards the ocean admiring all the cobblestone sidewalks with details.


One of the tuk tuk drivers we had told us about a church that was all gold inside. We kind of expected to just not end up seeing it but then we stumbled upon it! It’s called Igreja de São Roque and the guide wasn’t kidding. All the alters were of gold and extremely detailed. It was gorgeous. The outside is so different compared to the inside too – it’s very simplistic while the inside was so grand.


Before running back to our hotel to grab our bags we stopped one last time at Fabrica de Nata for some to take on the train.


We took the metro to the Oriente train station to get the train to Faro. The train station is well known for its architecture.


After a few hours on the train we arrived in Faro just before sunset. We checked into our hotel, the Hotel Sol Algarve and then walked to the marina to watch the sunset. It was the prettiest sunset I’ve seen since I’ve been in Europe.


We actually had some friends from Dublin that were in Faro at the same time as us so we met up with them for dinner. We went to a place called Aperitivo which served basically a 6 course tapa style meal for 20 euros. The food was insanely delicious and we shared some vinho verde. Sweet dreams from Faro!

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