6 March – 10 March

This week was VERY low-key and VERY boring and VERY relaxing. Like seriously the only things I did was take an exam and eat pizza with friends on Wednesday night. Not to say these kinds of weeks aren’t necessary… but they don’t come with any photo evidence. This week did come with a bit of intrigue, a little trick played on my life. Story time on that when the dust settles – my hint is what my dad would call “idiot tax.”

We are winding up to our 2 week midterm break though. It’ll be almost non-stop travel for 16 days with St. Patty’s Day thrown in the middle!

I’ll be MIA for a bit and when I come back you’ll be overloaded with pictures of Portugal and then St. Patty’s Day and then Budapest and THEN Prague.

Peace out ~ i’m hoppin’ on a plane.


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