Hello London

10 February – 12 February

I’ve decided travel days are easiest when you’re alone. I caught the bus to the airport from campus and arrived a little early. I got lunch – baguette with arugula, sun-dried tomato, and goat cheese topped with a balsamic reduction – sounds way more gourmet than it was.

I took Aer Lingus and it was an easy quick flight into Gatwick airport. After three trains I finally met the crew at a pub in London. We had dinner and then quickly went back to the hostel so I could drop off my backpack. We ended the night getting a gelato and a pint at a pub before turning in.


Saturday was jam packed with sightseeing. We took the tube to Trafalgar Square and enjoyed a quick view before grabbing breakfast.


Somehow finding a little café for a scone turned into an all out breakfast – I guess that’s what happens when they don’t have a menu posted outside…

Breakfast was followed with the game ‘How many things can we see in 4 hours?’

We started by passing the Cavalry Museum before touring around Westminster. Big Ben, Westminster Palace, Westminster Abbey, and the London Eye. The architecture throughout London is stunning. Makes me rethink this whole science thing even if modern architecture is all glass and steel and concrete – but that kind of architecture lights up a whole different spot.


Late morning we got tea with the Queen and ran around with the royal babies.

Just kidding… but wouldn’t that have been extraordinary. We did see Buckingham Palace and for 10 minutes I pretended I was royalty, a cinderella running home from the ball. A girl can dream.


Who am I kidding – i’d much rather put on my jean jacket and snakeskin boots than a ballgown. Princess Lucy at your service.


The afternoon consisted of lunch and a football game!! We saw QPR v Huddersfield. The commentary from the dads behind us was the most entertaining part – a lot of cuss words are thrown around in an English football stadium. Our team also lost but I walked out with a pretty sporty scarf.


The remainder of the night was pub pub pub (shout out to the White Lion for being our place for the night) and then a LATE Indian food meal. I’ll have to apologize to Maharana in Madison because this may have been better. Eat at Masala Zone when you’re in London.

Fast forward to Sunday. We started with the British Museum and there is FAR too much in there to see in one day. We hit the map landmarks and saw some very interesting artifacts. We jumped toward the Tower of London to see the crown jewels. My eyes were huge from all the diamonds and rubies and sapphires glittering.

Our last major landmark was the London Bridge.

Side note: where’s my sister at when I need a good photo taken? Who cuts off the top of a landmark in a photo?

By the end of Sunday I was ready to go home. Nothing wrong with the go-go-go kind of traveling but I’m definitely the person that wants to take their time in a place. Really missing my favorite travel companions.

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