Let’s Go for a Drive: Part 1

3 FEB – 4 FEB

We had an adventurous drive south today. Our main stops were Waterford, Cork, and the Rock of Cashel. Embarking on a driving tour was interesting. Ben drove the entire time – you have to have been driving for 5 years and drive stick, let alone drive on the “wrong” side of the road.


When we arrived at the airport Friday afternoon we were told we needed PROOF that Ben had been driving for 5 years. Like what do you mean? Oh, you mean showing you every drivers license i’ve had since I was 16. Great. I brought all of those with me.      HA HA HA     We spent at least an hour getting Ben’s sister to dig around in his room in Minneapolis for his old IDs.

Long story short – we got the car.

The drive out of Dublin was filled with traffic and Ben pulling out his hair from the stress of driving on a different side of the road. It didn’t help that it was dark and occasionally raining – it reminded me of our first night in Australia. My mom trying to maneuver through a dark raining night into Melbourne all while taking directions from a 14-year-old me. – frustration and stress may be an understatement.

Saturday morning we explored Waterford. The Waterford crystals were spectacular and I’d love to watch someone blow and etch the pieces in there.



My favorite part of Waterford is the path along the river.




We also stopped at the medieval museum and learned quite a bit about the history of Waterford.

Mid-morning we found a little local cafe and went for a coffee and a scone. The owner told us a little more about the city and recommended extending our drive to see the copper coast. Definitely recommend checking out Larder if you ever find yourself in Waterford, Ireland.


Time for a winding costal drive

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