Hello Month 2

30 January – 3 February

WHOA IT’S FEBRUARY – Time flies when you’re having fun.

I watched Eat Pray Love for the first time and I have to say I truly enjoyed it. Once scene specifically gave each city a word: London is stuffy, Stockholm is conform,  New York is ambition or soot, Rome is sex.

So what’s the word for Dublin?

Friendly? Vivacious? Loose?

The ‘one word’ definition is also given as a personal challenge – define yourself in one word. I don’t know what my word is yet… still in search of mine.

In other news it was a very low-key week. Classes, working-out, studying.

Tuesday was refreshers day which is a day when you can view and sign-up for clubs. I signed up for the international exchange group – they sponsor a lot of events for international students as well as host discounted trips in Ireland. I didn’t see it at the day but I would love to join the dance society. They host dance classes including Irish dancing!

Thursday the ESN group hosted a pub crawl. We went up Camden Street to Cassidy’s 👎🏼 , The Bleeding Horse 👍🏼 , Flannery’s 👎🏼  (maybe thumbs up if it were busier) , and Whelan’s 👍🏼 .

Saturday we’re hopping in a car and driving south…


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