Getting Acquainted

17 January – 20 January

The last few days have been a whirlwind of events sponsored by the university. There was a lot of welcome events with tea and biscuits. I met a lot of new people, most of which i’ll probably have trouble remembering their names. Uni also sponsored a trip to Ikea for us to make our new apartments feel like real homes.

UCD Campus


The welcome event on Thursday treated us with Irish coffee and lots of hors d’oeuvre. That night we went on a pub crawl that ended in a club. The night contained a wee bit of craic and introduced me to O’Neill’s, a grand Irish pub. There was live music at all of the pubs as well as drink specials. The night ended late.

Ty who is as fun-loving and feminist as me



Friday included walking around the city. We saw the outside of St. Patrick’s Cathedral (we have to go back), and a tour of the inside of Dublin Castle. There is so much history in such a little place. We ended the day by eating at BóBós Burgers. The decorations and food provided me with a little slice of home.



Off to Belfast and the Giant’s Causeway tomorrow!

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